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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 24-25 November 2023

Election of the Local’s officers and committee members will take place on Saturday, 25 November.

Election Procedures Notice

There are several ways to nominate. To nominate a person or to self -nominate you must be a
member in good standing. Contact Leigh Brownhill at if you are
unsure whether you are a member in good standing.

Before the election date

You may nominate another member (with or without notice to them) or self-nominate for a
specific office or position before the date of the election (see list). Send nominations to Evelyn
Bolton at:

On election day nominations from the floor will be received

You may also nominate another member or self-nominate for a specific office or position on the
day of the election. Election officials will call nominations in turn and members may respond
from the floor.

Election Procedures

The committee and Returning Officer will use the “CUPE – A Guide for The Chair” resource to
facilitate the election.

We will begin the election ensuring that all members standing for election are members in good

The positions available for election are listed in the file linked below. The positions will be elected in
the order they appear on the list.

Members will be sent a list of all nominations on or about November 18, 2023. The elections
committee will continue to receive nominations until the November 25 meeting. Nominations
may also be received from the floor on November 25, 2023.

Need for a Vote
If there is the need for a vote the following procedure will be used:

Each candidate will have three minutes to speak about their qualifications for the position. If
there is an incumbent, they will speak last. After each candidate has spoken members may ask a
question that is addressed to both candidates. Three questions will be allowed in total, time

During the elections, the chat room will not be accessible, and all participants will be muted. If
someone wishes to speak, they will need permission of the Returning Officer or Chair of the
meeting. Use the raise hand feature to ask for permission to speak.

If there are technical or procedural issues that need to be addressed, the elections committee
reserves the right to recess for a brief period to confer in a breakout room. If a vote is required, an online Zoom poll will be available for all participants. The Returning Officer and Elections Committee will monitor the voting process.


The Election Committee
Mark Dimirsky, Returning Officer


LINK HERE for more details: CUPE_3911_Elections_Positions_open_for_2023_Nominations


2022 AGM and Election results

The 2022 election took place at the Local’s annual conference and AGM on November 26th.

Those elected for the 2022-2023 period include:

Position Current Executive Officers
Co-Chair Glynnis Lieb
Co-Chair Ann Reynolds
Co-Chair Ronnie Leah Joy
Recording Secretary: Fiona MacGregor
Secretary Treasurer: Vanee Narayanan
Grievance Officer: Ernie Jacobson
Communications Officer: Dougal MacDonald
Membership Officer: Leigh Brownhill
Representative Officers (up to 8): Gordon Drever
Marie Weingartshofer
Jordan Thompson
Gregory Krabes
Robert Changirwa
Pamela Rogers
Trustees: Henry Agbogun
Evelyn Chernyk
Lorraine Laville