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Becoming A Member

When you are hired as a Tutor, Marker, Academic Expert, or Lab Instructor at Athabasca University, you will be employed under the CUPE 3911 Collective Agreement. Union dues are 2.5% or your eligible earnings and are automatically deducted from your pay.

The local will send you an Application for Membership card you must fill in and send back before you receive your membership card. Being a CUPE member has several benefits:

  • Member discounts at several participating businesses within Alberta.

  • Assistance in understanding and interpreting the Collective Agreement.

  • Access to materials, workshops, and resources that strengthen employees’ common interests

  • Access to a full-time servicing representative who works in Edmonton’s CUPE Alberta office and provides assistance in collective bargaining, health and safety, Employment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation appeals, grievances, arbitrations, etc.

  • Eligible to apply to the CUPE Local 3911 Professinal Development Fund.

  • Invitation to CUPE Local 3911’s Annual CUPE Conference and Annual General Meeting