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Executive & Committees

CUPE3911 Executive are dedicated in service on behalf of all our membership.

Among the CUPE3911 Executive, your Representative Officers can often be a first point of contact for you to reach your union for any workplace issues. Your Representative Officers also assist with continuous organizing among Members in support of our Local.

CUPE3911’s Representative Officers for December 2021- November 2022 are:
Marie Weingartshofer, Gordon Drever, Gregory Krabes, and Marlyss Valiant.

You are welcome to reach out to us with any questions throughout the year at:,  and we invite you to join us at the monthly meetings for General Membership for updates on your Local’s activities.

All Executives are volunteers who are elected at the CUPE Local 3911 Annual General Meeting that typically takes place each fall.

Below is your 2021 – 2022 Executive and Committee Members:

1 year – Ronnie Joy Leah
1 year – Mark Dimirsky
2 years – Glynnis Lieb

Recording Secretary
1 year – Ann Reynolds

Secretary Treasurer
2-year – Barret Weber

Grievance Officer
1-year – Ernie Jacobson

Representative Officers
1-year – Marie Weingartshofer
1-year – Gordon Drever
1-year – Gregory Krabes
1-year – Marlyss Valiant

Communications Officer
1-year – Dougal MacDonald

Digital media Communications Officer

– Vacant

1-year – Leigh Brownhill



Board of Govenors
Liam Connelly

AU Budget

Conference Planning
Glynnis Lieb
Natalie Sharpe
Ernie Jacobson
Vanee Narayanan
Fiona MacGregor
Mark Dimirsky
Ronnie Joy Leah
PD Fund
Cal Hauserman
Leigh Brownhill
Health Benefits
Lorraine Laville
Ann Reynolds
Occupational Health and Safety
Evelyn Chernyk
Glynnis Lieb
Lorraine Laville
Henry Agbogun
Evelyn Chernyk


Grievance Committee

Complaint Review

Labour Management
Bylaw Revision
Bargaining Committee

Byron Paege Memorial Award