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CUPE3911 Executive officers are dedicated in service on behalf of all our membership.

Officers of the union are democratically elected. CUPE 3911 holds elections yearly at the Local’s AGM, which was this year held on November 26, 2022. Those elected include:

Position Current Executive Officers
Co-Chair Glynnis Lieb
Co-Chair Ann Reynolds
Co-Chair Ronnie Leah Joy
Recording Secretary: Fiona MacGregor
Secretary Treasurer: Vanee Narayanan
Grievance Officer: Ernie Jacobson
Communications Officer: Dougal MacDonald
Membership Officer: Leigh Brownhill
Representative Officers (up to 8): Gordon Drever
Marie Weingartshofer
Jordan Thompson
Gregory Krabes
Robert Changirwa
Pamela Rogers
Trustees: Henry Agbogun
Evelyn Chernyk
Lorraine Laville