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Membership Drive

Sign up during CUPE 3911’s Membership Drive!


A hand-drawn image of a partly-red and partly-rainbow coloured heart shape, with the words "3911," "Tri-Union" and "Unity is Power" written within it.

Are you a part-time academic at Athabasca University working as a marker, tutor, lab instructor, or academic expert? You are covered by the CUPE 3911 Collective Agreement, and that Agreement is currently under negotiation at the Bargaining table with the Board of Governors of Athabasca University. While the Local represents all members, you can return a show of support for their efforts to achieve wage hikes and better benefits by becoming a Member in Good Standing. Unity is Power!

And if you ever want to get more involved in the volunteer-led workings of the Local, becoming a Member in Good Standing makes you eligible to attend member meetings, join  committees, run for elected posts, and more.

Fill out a Membership application today:

  1. Click HERE to complete, sign, and date an application form.
  2. The Local’s By-laws stipulate an initiation fee ($2). CUPE is, however, waiving these fees until further notice.
  1. Return your completed form to:
  1. All applications will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled General Membership Meeting. After consideration, by Motion, successful applicants are accepted as Members in Good Standing.

Stand up for higher wages and working conditions at AU! Join CUPE 3911 as a Member in Good Standing today.

By doing so, you show fellow AU part-time academics and our employer that you stand in unity with the CUPE 3911’s Bargaining team in their ongoing efforts to protect and improve job security, benefits, wages, and working conditions for all members.

Being a CUPE 3911 Member in Good Standing has further benefits:

If you are not yet a Member in Good Standing, click HERE for the application to join.

Not sure if you are a Member in Good Standing? Write and ask!

Stand behind those who are standing up for us at the negotiating table with AU!