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iPhone Info

RE: Feb 17, 2021 iPhone notification

Emailed to Membership – February 10, 2021

Hello CUPE 3911 Members,

We know some members are getting notices about a Feb 17th start for the use of your iPhones and expect others will get identical or similar notices. Follow instructions to the best of your ability, keep track of the time you spend doing this and the success or failure status of your efforts. We have grieved (step 1) the matter of the rollout of the iPhones to us but have not yet been engaged by our employer. We will seek clarification on your behalf and keep you informed. Compensation for the time we spend on this is a part of the grievance so we might ask for time and success data from you.

In solidarity,

Glynnis Lieb, Co-Chair
Ronnie Joy Leah, Co-Chair
Mark Dimirsky, Co-Chair

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