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Byron Paege Memorial Award

Each year, CUPE 3911 accepts nominations for the Byron Paege Memorial Award. This award,  sponsored by the members of CUPE 3911, is worth $850.00, or the approximate amount of one three-credit course at Athabasca University.

Who is Byron Paege?

Bryon Paege graduated from Athabasca U. in June 1988 with a Bachelor of Administration. In 1990 he joined AU as a tutor and worked in that capacity until his untimely death in 1995.

Bryon was a valued member of the AU family. He was among that special set of scholars who knows AU from the student and the tutor perspectives. He achieved his degree and joined the AU academic community to give back, through his service, teaching and collegial participation on many fronts. He is warmly remembered by his union siblings in CUPE 3911, and it is our intention that his achievements, contributions, and his passing be forever remembered and memorialized. The most fitting way we saw to honour his memory, then, was the establishment of an annual award to support AU students in their educational journeys.


Who can make nominations?

Any Athabasca U. tutor, counselor, advisor, or student may make nominations. If you find yourself in this list, perhaps you know an AU student who should be considered for the Byron Paege Memorial Award.

Self-nominations are also accepted.

What are the award criteria?
The Selection Committee makes their decisions based on the following criteria:

A nominee must:

  • be currently enrolled in an AU course, or have successfully completed one within six months prior to the nomination deadline
  • have, in the opinion of the nominator, demonstrated courage and/or resourcefulness worthy of commendation in the overcoming of, or currently coping with, some particular challenge or adversity in order to pursue distance education studies. Such challenge or adversity may include:
    • financial adversity;
    • being a member of a minority or marginalized group required to make challenging adjustments to mainstream Canadian academic culture;
    • physical disability, or any challenging health problems, generally;
    • personal loss (for example, loss of family member, loss of job);
    • adjustment to a new country and culture;
    • difficult family circumstances, past or present;
    • other challenge that in the opinion of the nominator corresponds with the spirit of these criteria.

The Committee will make their best effort to select a worthy recipient from among those nominated, and their decision is final.

How do I submit a nomination?

You can fill in and print a nomination at the following link:

Byron Paege Memorial Award Nomination Form

Tutor, counselor and advisor nominators must obtain written consent for disclosure of personal information from their nominee. You can do so by completing this form to submit with your nomination:

Byron Paege Consent for Disclosure Form

Student nominations and self-nominations must be accompanied by a written reference from a teaching, counseling or advising member of an academic community.

If you have any questions about this award, please contact CUPE 3911 Administrator, Evelyn Bolton, at