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Call For Executive Nominations

Elections to the CUPE 3911 Executive Committee will be held at the next AGM. 
You must be present at the meeting in person or via the telephone to vote.

This notice is given per Section 9 – Nomination, Election and Installation of Officers. We will be giving regular updates of declared candidates and the positions for which they are willing to stand.

Therefore, we are asking that any member who is interested in standing as a candidate for any position declare herself/himself as early as possible, by email message to

Please note that:
Declaration as a candidate is not, in itself, sufficient for inclusion in the election.
Each candidate must be nominated by someone who is present at the election meeting in order to be included in the election. 

Nor is advance declaration as a candidate NECESSARY for inclusion in the election.
Although we are encouraging advance declaration, any eligible member who is properly nominated at the election meeting will be included in the election. 

If a candidate cannot themselves be personally present at the election meeting, they must have provided advance “acceptance” of nomination of the specific position in order to be included in the election.
Declaration of willingness to stand by email message to would be sufficient for this. 

More than one member CAN declare themselves willing to stand for the same position.
That is what elections are all about.

The positions that will be elected on December 01st are:

Officers Who Make Up The Executive Board:

1. Co-Chair (2 for two-year term) – Mark Dimirsky and Ronnie Joy Leah. Glynnis Lieb’s term is ending;

2. Grievance Officer (1 for one-year term) – Barret Weber, will let his name stand.

3. Recording Secretary (1 for one-year term) – Incumbent Fiona MacGregor;

4. Communications Officer (1 for one-year term) – Incumbent Dougal MacDonald

5. Membership Officer (1 for one-year term) – Incumbent Leigh Brownhill;

6. Representative Officers (up to 8 for one-year term) – Incumbents Rochelle Sato, Mark Dimirsky, Tammy Dunnett, Gregory Krabes, Gordon Drever, Lorraine Laville, Ann Reynolds.  Gordon Drever, Lorraine Laville and Ann Reynolds would like their names to stand;

7. Trustee (1 for three-year term) – Incumbents: Lorrainne Laville, Joyce Miller, Evelyn Miller. Lorraine Laville would like her name to stand;

Permanent Committees Of The Local: (one-year terms)

1. Human Resources Committee (1 Chair and up to 2 members for one-year term) – Incumbents Vanee Narayanan, Ann Reynolds). 

2. Bryon Paege Memorial Award Committee (Up to 3 for one-year term) – Incumbents Ernie Jacobson, Marie Weingartshofer

3. Grievance Committee (4 or more for one-year term) – Incumbents Mark Dimirsky, Barret Weber, ;

4. Bylaw Committee (1 Chair and up to 5 members) – Incumbents Deborah Foster, Robert Wiznura, James Shawna;

Representatives On A.U. And Joint Bodies:

1. Professional Development Committee representatives (2 for two-year term) – Incumbents Krzyzstof Swiatek and Alan Lebeouf. Cal Hauserman has submitted his name and has been nominated by Dougal MacDonald for a two-year term, Alan Lebeouf is letting his name stand.

2. Complaint Review Committee (1 rep. and 1 alt. for one-year term) – Incumbents Glynnis Lieb, Natalie Sharpe (alternative);

3. Labour Management Committee representatives (2 for one-year term) – Incumbents Brenda Kuzio, Gregory Krabes;

4. Occupational Health and Safety Committee representatives (2 for one-year term) – Incumbents Evelyn Lien, Glynnis Lieb; Evelyn Lien would like her name to stand;

Additional Committees: (one-year terms)

1. Bargaining Committee (up to 10) – Vacant, Cal Hauserman  has put his name forth and nominated by Dougal MacDonald, Lois Browne has put her name forth and has been nominated by Dougal MacDonald, Teresa Bosse has put her name forth and has been nominated by Dougal MacDonald, Sue Mitchell is putting her name forth;

2. Health Benefits Committee (2 for a one-year term); Incumbents Lorraine Laville and Ann Reynolds are letting their names stand;

3. Conference Planning Committee (5 for one-year term) – Incumbents: Glynnis Lieb, Natalie Sharpe, Ronnie Joy Leah, Dougal MacDonald, Vanee Narayanan. Vivian Zenari is being nominated by Dougal MacDonald and Glynnis Lieb

4. AU Budget Committee (1 for one-year term) – Incumbent Deborah Foster is letting her name stand

5. Member at Large: Lois Browne has submitted her name and nominated by Dougal MacDonald, Ann Reynolds has submitted her name.

If you would like a copy of the Bylaws for CUPE Local 3911, please send your request to the Administrator, Anjali Aulakh, at