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Bargaining Update June 5,2020

Posted in Bargaining

We sent our request to bargain to the employer and received their response on May 1.  The Bargaining Committee is elected at our AGM and remains intact (except for changes as required) until bargaining has been completed.

Here are the members of our bargaining team:
Dougal MacDonald, Co-Chair
Glynnis Lieb, Co-Chair
Mark Dimirsky, Co-Chair
Ann Reynolds, Representative Officer
Barret Weber, Grievance Officer
Cal Hauserman, Professional Dev’t Committee
Sue Mitchell, Academic Expert, Faculty of Business
Dolores Douglas, CUPE National Rep.
Nancy Furlong, Consultant

The employer has indicated the following will be bargaining for them:
Dr. Alain May, Associate Vice President, Academic Resources
Chantel Kassongo, External Labour Consultant
Joanne Raycraft, Manager, Payroll and Benefits
Abey Arnaout, Labour Relations Specialist
Nichole Collins, Coordinator, Learning Services Tutorial
Anik Fehr, Labour Relations Specialist (Alternate
Pauline Smeltz, Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer (Alternate)

The Committee has had two recent meetings and meets weekly as we prepare both monetary and non-monetary articles.  While working on preparing these we are also looking at the connection between definition of academic from the Employer’s draft designation Policy and impact on bargaining, and also working on developing our request for information from employer.

The BC will post periodically to the website to keep members informed.

Here’s the report on bargaining:

  • Employer sent response letter to open bargaining on May 1
  • Committee has had two meetings
  • Looking at connection between definition of academic from the Employer’s draft designation Policy and impact of bargaining
  • Working on request for information from employer
  • Google drive established to house edits and additions to Collective Agreement articles