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Annual General Meeting

Elections to the CUPE 3911 Executive Committee are held each year at our AGM and annual conference. See below for 2022 election results.

In the interests of an open, democratic election, we post regular updates of declared candidates and the positions for which they are willing to stand. When we announce our available positions, any member who is willing to stand as a candidate for any position should declare her or himself as early as possible, by emailing

Please note that:

  • Declaration as a candidate is not, in itself, sufficient for inclusion in the election. Each candidate must be nominated by one person present at the election meeting in order to be included in the election.
  • Nor is declaration as a candidate NECESSARY for inclusion in the election. Although we are encouraging advance declaration, any eligible member who is properly nominated at the election meeting will be included in the election.
  • If a candidate cannot themselves be personally present at the election meeting, they must have provided advance “acceptance” of nomination in order to be included in the election. Declaration of willingness to stand by email message to  would be sufficient for this.
  •  More than one member CAN declare themselves willing to stand for the same position – that is what elections are all about.

The 2022 election took place at the Local’s annual conference and AGM on November 26th.

Those elected for the 2022-2023 period include:

Position Current Executive Officers
Co-Chair Glynnis Lieb
Co-Chair Ann Reynolds
Co-Chair Ronnie Leah Joy
Recording Secretary: Fiona MacGregor
Secretary Treasurer: Vanee Narayanan
Grievance Officer: Ernie Jacobson
Communications Officer: Dougal MacDonald
Membership Officer: Leigh Brownhill
Representative Officers (up to 8): Gordon Drever
Marie Weingartshofer
Jordan Thompson
Gregory Krabes
Robert Changirwa
Pamela Rogers
Trustees: Henry Agbogun
Evelyn Chernyk
Lorraine Laville

Details on Executive positions, election procedures and the 2022 AGM are available via the documents below.

Elected Positions for 2022 AGM

CUPE Conference & AGM

Election Procedures Notice 2022